Ship Build for Guardian Structures

The idea is to build a small footprint ship that can quickly travel long distances to get to Guardian Structures and Anciant Ruins. The small ship can land on the site, giving protection via the point defense turrets. When landing, make sure to point the ship in the direction that gives the best coverage for the point defence, and also remeber to put power distribution pips to systems and weapons. A supply of basic materials for sysnthesis to re-stock and even repair the SRV during combat is essential. The materials are gathered as part af Paignite mining.

The Ship

Diamondback Explorer

Core Internal

  • 3A Power Plant
  • 4D Thrusters
  • 5A Frame Shift Drive (Increased Range / Deep Charge)
  • 3D Life Support
  • 4D Power Distributor
  • 3D Sensors
  • 5C Fuel Tank


  • 1I Lightweight Alloy

Optional Internal

  • 4H Guardian FSD Booster
  • 4A Fuel Scoop
  • 3E Cargo Rack
  • 3C Bi-Weave Shield Generator
  • 2G Planetary Vehicle Hanger (plus vehicle)
  • 1I Detailed Surface Scanner
  • 1E Supercruise Assist
  • 1E Advanced Docking Computer


  • 1G Pulse Laser

    In case you need to activate a Guardian Beacon.

Utility Mounts

    0I Point Defence x3 (one on each of the front slots)

    To shoot down missiles fired by Sentinels.