Dartmoor Ponies

A pair of Dartmoor ponies, grazing on the moorland.

Prawn and Yellow Pepper Curry with Turmeric

A very specialised curry having the strong taste of turmeric and sweetness from the peppers, with garlic and chilli coming through as the meal progresses. Best served after a starter that packs nutrients.

Salad for Breakfast

A breakfast that packs a nutritional punch for a good start to the day, and then a follow up of porridge or cold potatoes as a second breakfast if needed.

Ship Build for Guardian Structures

The ideal small ship to effectively power up and scan guardian structures.

Squash and Sweet Potato Soup with Cumin

A warming starter with squash and sweet potato, or for lunch when accompanied with bread.

Steel Wool Photography

Steel wool photography can be fun and exiting with dramatic results using very simple equipment and little experience. With the right setting and a couple of friends you can produce fantastic shots that look amazing.

Unlock Engineer (The Dweller)

After discovering through common knowledge, The Dweller meeting requirements are to deal with at least 5 black markets.