DPI Zone is a project for me to test out Server Side Rendering (SSI) with Angular Universal, along with pre-rendering to host a dynamic website on a static platform such as AWS S3, combined with Cloudflare as a CDN.

About image.

Soon to be open source, I'm using this to test the limits of hosting with a minimal set of resources. C# .Net Core is thrown in for the backend management system that runs on a server in my living room, backed up of course. The big picture for this project is to explore Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Inspiration was taken from this guy, Geoff Hayward, with the Viable Blog. I'm not a typical developer so I will say no more about coding after this post, but more about my hobbies and interests. I will be posting to GitHub once I have moved the repository over in the coming weeks. I hope the code is helpful.

Technologies used for this project consist of the folowing: